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Anna of the Five Towns 

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King Orry House, Laxey
"King Orry House Laxey" was used as the film set location instead of Port Erin, where the book sets the action.
The back gardens of King Orry House were used for part of the filming of the series so that the Laxey harbour (Port Erin harbour)could be in shot over the shoulders of the actors and actress. in Order to get a full view of the harbour a local firm of tree surgeons was used to cut back a substantial tree line. 15 years later they had to return to carry out the same operation as the trees had all grown back to again obscure the harbour view!

Thanks Frank Bowker for your submission, which included telling us this film existed.

Barry Street, Arboretum, Worcester
I used to live in Barry street, Arboretum, Worcester where several scenes were filmed. The houses, were painted with temporary brown paint and the corner shop (a dog parlour) was transformed into a wonderful general store. We had horses and carriages parked outside and pictures taken with Peter Davidson.
Thanks Pauline for your submission.

Cross Street, Congleton
I used to attend the Pentecostal Church in Cross Street, Congleton which was where the Sunday School and Chapel that appeared in the production was filmed. The street, a small side street was closed off one Sunday. false cobble stones in the form of a matting were laid over the double yellow lines, TV areials were removed from the house that were in camera shot and all window frames were painted a washable brown. The church which used to be the local Unitarian Church was purchased by the Pentecostals shortly before the camera crews descended and most of the filming took place in the yard and street. The sign over the Sunday School entrance a seen in the film was made of polystyrene with the wording engraved into it with some kind of hot piece of metal. Today the view of the yard is now obscured by a new extension to the church building but the road and other buildings are still recognisable. I still have some autographs of the actors to this day.
Thanks Mike Bailey for your submission

Allotmemts, St Judes Road, West Wolverhampton
Allotmemt shots St Judes Road West Wolverhampton WV60DA.
Thanks M Costello for your submission.

Longton Park, Longtom, Stoke-on-trent
This was used for the sequence by the bandstand and hasn't changed.

Short Street, Longtom, Stoke-on-trent
Anaa walks up this street cobbled street with her pushbike.
The street still exists, still cobbled and hasnt changed for over 150 years.It is no longer occupied and is preserved by English Heritage It is the last remnant of the old Potteries streets and housing.

Gladstone Pottery Museum, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
Used for the pottery scenes. The last remaining Victorian pottery factory and a working museum.
Thanks M.Byrne for your submissions.

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Anna of the Five Towns (Wordsworth Classics)
Arnold Bennett
Wordsworth Editions Ltd, Paperback, November, 1994
ISBN: 1853262242
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Anna of the Five Towns (Everyman's Library)
Arnold Bennett, Peter Preston
Phoenix (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd ), Paperback, 07 April, 1997
ISBN: 0460876538
List Price: £5.99
Used Price: £16.93
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Anna of the Five Towns (Edwardian Collection)
Arnold Bennett, Peter Joyce
Assembled Stories, Audio Cassette, August, 1997
ISBN: 1860154476
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