Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Marian Again

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I gave up watching it at 21.45, its so slow its boring. Pity the review looked good.
Thanks Alun for your submission.

Shockingly brilliant. A dreadful but superbly told story.
Thanks Murray for your submission.

This was the best film I have seen on the TV in years. The 4 main characters were all fabulous. It also made me realise how easy it is "groom" a teenager which was alarmingly scary.
This film had been actually scared at parts.
A hugh success and well done to everyone.

Thanks Irene for your submission.

I found this most disturbing, and what made it worse was the fact it was based on a true story. The only thing that dissapointed me was I would have like to have seen what happened to Marian does anyone know the full story or who it was based on please?
Thanks Chuff for your submission.

I thought that this was a fantastic drama, infact the best I have watched for ages. This was well written and the characters were excellent. It would have been nice to have seen more, it left you thinking. Well done to everyone involved.
Thanks Jolin for your submission.

This film was brilliant. I was spooky at times. It just shows how easy it is to be kidnapped. I loved Samantha Beckinshire she was fantastic in the drama. Hope something like that comes on TV again sometime!!!
Thanks Emily for your submission.

Absolutely brilliant. Kept me glued to the screen.
Thanks Roz for your submission.

Absolutely mesmerising, wasn't intending to watch as I was a woman home alone but once started I was glued. Thoroughly thought provoking, would love to know about the woman who it was based on.
Thanks Sharon for your submission.

As my mum put the video player on and we sat backed and watched the drama that mum had recorded, I was absolutely stunned that the home of samantha beckinsale and stephen tomkinson was infact the house that my parents had built when i was 3 years old and that I had grown up in, im now training in the television industry...spooky!
I loved it even though I found it creepy in my old home!

Thanks Holly Jones for your submission.

I was really touched by this movie and it taught me a lot and how to teach my son to be careful. But as Chuff commented on earlier, the disappointing part of the movie was the luck of continuity - I was touched by Marian's story and would have like to know what has now happened to her.
Thanks Tammy for your submission.

It was the best thing I've watched in ages, but I really want to know what happened to Marion.
Thanks Nicola for your submission.

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