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Tom Brown's Schooldays

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I am accually in the film, I am in the background! lol. But it is a great privilege to work with Steven Fry. I havn't been on set yet but on March the 29th, 30th and 31st I will be filming with some of my friends from Knights Templar High School in Baldock. The film will be shown on ITV somewhere round Christmas time. The story is very good and I will enjoy taking part in this famous story. Although I havn't read the book, by what I've heard it seems to be a read and I am sure I will read it somewhere along the line! lol. Thank you for reading! Thanks Connor for the submission.

Fantastic Film with some great performances. Steven Fry was great and really good to see him playing a serious role...the moment when he canes one of the boys for lieing was so moving. The little boy playing Tadpole (Dane Carter) must have been a fantastic find as was Clive Standen playing Brooke (I feel they should have made more of this character). No doubt, we will see Clive Standen in some major roles in the future. Flashman was played well by Joeseph Beattie but felt he verged on pantomime at times. Alex Pettyfer was great as the young Tom Brown and to hold your own against stars like Fry at such a young age is a great thing. Lets hope ITV keep up the good work and gives the BBC a run for there money in the perid drama stakes maybe a BAFTA contender. Thanks Simon for your submission.

Fantastic Fun! Made me cry at the end!!! Thanks Lara for your submission.

I don't usually go for these types of films (set in the olden days) but this film was marvelos. I really enjoyed it, as, the actors were outstanding, especially the star, the boy who played Tom Brown. I have heard that there is also a book out and I must read it, Although I have never read a full book in my life, I shall make sure I read this one. The only thing is that I wish it was longer because I enjoyed it so much. I am looking forward to buying and reading the book. Jamie leigh (West Yorkshire). Thanks Jamie for your submission.

An absolutely brilliant adaptation with superlative acting. I found the ] story very engaging and quite moving mainly toward the end where Tom's friend dies. I cannot convey in words how brilliant the acting was. A true success. Many thanks Chris for your submission.

Not that bad. Not going to be a classic work, it may be the book or it may be the way the screenplay was written, but the story seems to move too quickly - it felt very much like a story being recounted, the characters develop, but do so in a series of steps - one scene the characters are at one point in their development, the next, another. Also felt that the leading characters could have benefited from a bit more emphasis, it felt as though the director didn't want to engage with the characters, preferring to focus another things. Similarly the supporting cast were virtually anonymous. It was as though the usual hierarchy of parts; principles, supporting cast, small parts and extras, or something like that, was smeared downwards... the supporting characters like 'Tadpole' and 'West' seemed completely devoid of characteristics, felt more like they were there as small speaking parts rather than the main characters two best friends. And the antagonist, Flashman, well apart from being a thoroughly unpleasant piece of work, and a rather wealthy one (funny that, but considering the novel it based on I can't really complain about a lack of originality) there isn't that much too him. It's as though he's part of the supporting cast rather than a principle.
Similarly for Dr. Arnold, and to a lesser extent Tom Brown himself. I'd almost say that there is too much emphasis on the plot and not enough on the other aspects of film. Ignoring add breaks, it is as long as some shorter features, yet seems not to be able to fit everything it ought to in?
Camera work was okay - except when they tried to do 'dramatic' or 'special' shots, which just felt cliched and a bit out of place. For example, some of the shots of the school, intended to make it look imposing and menacing, just felt, to be blunt, obvious. When they weren't trying to be clever it just worked better. Oh and while I'm talking 'bout this type of thing, someone please shoot the person who thought it would be okay to portray nightfall by taking a shot of the school and darkening down the buildings. Timelapse guys?
And the titles, especially the 'End of Part x' ones, they looked like they were from a low end documentary. Cutting corners that shouldn't have been cut. If the whole thing was just a bit more polished then they could have got away with the 'dramatic' angle from time to time, etc. As it is, it never quite exceeds the whole ITV drama feeling. Speaking of which I guess I should be thankful it not " I'm a Celebrity School Days ... from Hell! IV "
I realize that this comes across as perhaps more critical that I actually am of the film. The rest is fine. Not exceptional, but not bad either. The problem with this film is that, on the whole it's a reasonably good TV period drama. It a reasonably good major TV period drama. It's just that when it deviates from the usual standard it does so the wrong way.
So, On my usual rather non-linear scale (sort of 'S' shaped, so 0 and 10 are both impossible) it wind up as probably a 4 and a half. If it weren't for the few weak points that would have jumped to 5 and a half.
(Now a 5 is par, 6 is better than most, 7 is really rather good, 8 is exceptional, and 9 is good enough to be obviously a future classic. Likewise going down.) Many thanks PN for your detailed submission.

I thought tis film was really good, Alex Pettyfer is great in this film and really made me cry. Thanks Hattie for your submission.

I thought it was brilliant, a great view of the new guy standing up for himself against bullies and for the other people who were being bullied by the evil Flashman. And how cute is the star Tom Brown (Alex Pettyfer); blonde hair, blue eyes and da cutest smile, im in love, if you have any pictures please send them to me. Thanks Charlie for your submission, sorry we do have any photos for you.

When I watched the film I was amazed at how good this film was I learnt that the message of the story is dont be bullied or be a bully and I really admire Alex Pettyfer because he looked out for the weaker 1's in the film also Alex Pettyfer I think you are so gorg and I've read the report about you and your brother and that your going to American Academy of Dramatic Acts!!!1 more thing I love you so much I hope 2 see you around soon!!!!
Always Yours RachelXXXXX
Thanks Rachel for your submission.

Hey... I saw the movie on Sat and it was so good, A+. All the actors were great and it really got your attention. I found that Alex Pettyfer and his 3 other friends played their part really well. And Alex is really hot, so thats a bonus, but apart from that, I loved it. Expecially how it showed that Tom wasn't afraid to stand up for himself and his friends. So ppl if you know anyone who didn't see it, tell them to! cia. Thanks Marian for your submission.

It was an impressive film with an even more impressive performance from the cast. Stephen Fry takes on the challenging role of the new schoolmaster and portrays him excellently. As well there is new actor Alex Pettyfer, who only at 14 has shown real skill. The original story was brilliant and I believe that the wonderful fresh cast have done the book proud. 10/10 Thanks Samantha for your submission.

Wow, what a brilliant film. I thought it was really sad when Tom got caned and beaten I cried and secretly I thought he was very dishy lol. Flashman was crule, so much I could of punched the TV screen! Whoever directed the film I think they did it wonderfully I have read the book and thought it was very good, and I do recomend it to anyone but all in all the film was very good and I would'nt mind seeing it again. LAURA HOPTON aged 14. Thanks Laura for your submission.

I loved this film when I saw it at xmas!! I thought Tom Brown was fab. He played a really convincing part and is really, really nice looking! I think this film is good for all ages because I am 14 and me and my freinds all enjoyed it! It should've lasted longer though because I was just getting into it when the film finished. I will definitely will be buying the book because I enyoyed the film so much!
Joanna Rusby (north Yorkshire)
Many thanks Jo for your submission.

When I watched the flim I thought it would be a bit boring but I found it really interesting and I think I'm going to buy the book soon to see what it is like. Also Alex Pettyfer was really good at playing Tom Brown. Thanks Jade for your submission.

I really enjoyed watching this film. There was some great acting and Tom Brown (Alex Pettyfer) was really good looking! I hope to see him in more films in the future.
I admit I cried when little Arthur died at the end, but do you blame me? I'd give it a generous 9 out of 10 as it was my favourite film of the year!! Thanks Katie for your submission

I think Tom Browns schooldays was fantastic, It was a great adaption of a classic victorian story. Stephen Fry has out done himself as doctor Arnold in this difficult role portraying every single emotion natural to the human body. Alex Pettyfer (Tom Brown) has done well in his debut as a proffesional actor for he had to portray many emotions as well as Stephen Fry. Joseph Beattie (Flashman) has done rather well too! I enjoyed watching his sinister and evil character (not trying to be mean or anything)!!! I think that the other schoolboys such as East, Tadpole and arthur did themselves justice. They played their parts well and supported Alex Pettyfer amazingly. Although all these good remarks are true there is one time when the story line drooped a bit and you seem to lose yourself a little like a scene may have no concept or flow of the story like the scene before it and after it. But in true show biz style the show swoops you back up again and makes the story even more intense and exciting then it was before! All in all I think Tom Browns Schooldays was a triumphant sucess. Although I am only 13 years old I know good acting when I see it as I am part of a theater club. Thanks Jonathan for your submission.

I thought Tom Brown's School Days was fantastic; it was so moving and intense. I can't believe how much I enjoyed it. I loved the ending so sad but happy?? Alex Pettyfer was amazing such a good actor, also Dane Carter; you both rock!! Hope to see more of them in the future. Thanks Tash for your submission.

I really enjoyed this film although I found the ending really sad cos I was expecting him to live:(! I thought that Flashman was brilliant, he made me really not like him especially when he beat up Tom an the other boiz. Also Stephen Fry was very convincing. Alex Pettyfer is really fit lol:D but also a fantastic actor and I totally enjoyed watching it and him:) I really want to read the book now and i would just like to thank the people who made it for giving excellent viewing!!!
lots of lv Mia age 13 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks Mia for your submission.

This film was amazing! Stephen fry was his usual brilliant self but as for the other young actors... they were stunningly good. All of the young cast were excellent, but alex pettyfer was stunning- making me wanna cry, throw the tv out of the window and be there with them all at the same time. Brilliantly done. Thankyou! Thanks Danny for your submission.

I thought that all the actors did their job very well and I also thought that they acted better than the Harry Potter crew. Alex Pettifer is ssssooooo nice im in total love, Flashman did his part very well as the bully and it showed true emotion it was totally beautiful. Thanks Jennifer for you submission.

Hey, I just randomly came across this site by accident but it just so happens that I did actually see the Tom Browns School Days at New Year. me and my mate watched it together and it was really interresting. I thought it was really well done and Stephen Fry was wicked as usual, also the young actors, Alex and the guys who played Tom's mates were excellent, well done guys. Good luck with the everything else your plannin on doin! love Caitlin x xThanks Caitlin for your submission.

I thought it was an amazing production, I saw an older version of the film when I started @ my current boarding school, but this was so much better. Alex Pettyfer is such an amazing actor! I hope to see more of him in the future xxx.Thanks Eve for your submission.

I was an extra in this film. This was the best film i have played in as an extra, really really fun to shoot, Stephen Fry was good, i think his words to me were (after having my hair dyed brown) "thats an interesting haircut, are you going to keep it?".Thanks Tom S for your submission.

This movie was fantastic!!! It is the perfect movie for kids and adults. The acting was brilliant (especially Tom Brown, he is sooooo hot :)) All in all the movie was fantastic, the acting was great, the story line was brilliant and i give it 11/10 :) Do not worry, i am only 11 years old, and not an adult perve. I hope all of the actors (especially tom) get great movie careers.
Thanks Ruby for your submission.

I absolutely loved Tom Browns School Days! It is now my fave movie! I think that Tom Brown (Alex Pettyfer) is really, really, really hot! and I know alot of people who agree! The acting was great and Flashman did a great job of making you really hate him (no affence to the actor,I wanted to punch the tele). The movie made me cry especially when Alex Pettyfer was being cained and when Arthur died. Everyone acted great and i was so happy that we flicked it on Saturday night. I'm 13 and I loved it and so did all my friends I give it 11/10! P.S. It was a real bonus to have the main part being so hot!
Thanks Georgia for your submission.

Without wishing to be hypercritical of a lavish production, I feel the story strayed from the original in so many ways. Tom Brown was not a pop-star lookalike and was considerably younger and far less assertive than the character played by Alex Pettyfer. Unfortunately for me Stephen Fry's performance as Dr. Arnold was spoilt by my remembering him in the more lighthearted roles at which he excels and while he appeared most sympathetic, I was not completely convinced. Why was it necessary to show a bare bottom with weals in quite the wrong place. Blows such as shown to the lower back rather than the fleshy part of the buttocks would never have been permitted even in the early 1800's. Such blows administered with the force portrayed could have done untold damage to an underdeveloped lad. I found the sequence of events rather jerky and the actual story of Tom's learning experiences leaving a lot to be desired. Nevertheless for a t.v. film many people would have enjoyed it as indeed I did ! The storyline is not the fault of the actors who did an excellent job and the "Arthur" sequence was quite moving.
Thanks Dr. Gerald Haim for your submission.

It is disappointing to see so little credit given to the director, David Moore. Stephen Fry was his usual brilliant self. A real star. The story strays somewhat from the original and a little sentimental but that can be forgiven. The performances of all the cast was good but from my perspective, much of this was down to top notch direction with an eye for detail. I will be surprised if AP can pull such a performance in his next role unless he is under equally good direction.
Well done David Moore and More Stephen Fry.

Thanks David for your submission.

It really captured the feel of the old days beatifully. The actors were brilliant. Hope to see more of the cast. tom brown fights like hell.
Thanks AJ for your submission.

Thanks everyone who worked on this film. I had a great time filming as and extra, and it was cool being with Steven Fry.
Thanks Mark for your submission

It was brilliant I wanna see it again. Alex Pettyfer is a great actor and amazin at fighting scenes. I cant wait till Stormbreaker comes out I bet he'll be brill in that too.
Thanks Hutchy for your submission.

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