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Space Island One

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Space Island One - Judy Loe in her Spacesuit at the Laxey Wheel. Many thanks to Kevin Davies for allowing us to use this photo.

Space Island One - Bruno Eyron (Dusan) with his co-star Indra Ove (Paula) at the Mount Murray Golf Course.  Many thanks to Kevin Davies for allowing us to use this photo.

The series was filmed entirely on the Isle of Man.

Balthane Film Studio, Ballasalla
Mount Murray Golf Course, Santon
Laxey Wheel, Laxey
I directed two episodes of this film series in 1997, which was almost entirely set onboard an international space station in the "near future". We were the based in the converted warehouse studios at Balthane, Ballasalla, with the other cramped little sets in an aerodrome hanger at Jurby, on the north end of the island. So studio-bound were we, that I've since always referred to the show as SPACE CUPBOARD ONE.
However, in one of my episodes, "The Barrier of Second Attention" (ep 7) there were a number of dream-like fantasy sequences. I took this as a chance to get everyone out of the studio for a day, and we did a small amount of location shooting...
Half a day was spent out on the golf course at the crew hotel, The Mount Murray. There were some new empty houses recently built beside the course, and we used one of these as the American childhood home of one of the main characters. Some white picket fending, a US-style mailbox and a vintage US automobile were the only set dressings.
The other half a day was spent at the famous Laxey Wheel. Our leading lady, Judy Loe, and two locally hired extras climbed to the top of the wheel for a dream-like flashback scene. I have probably the only photo of Judy (mother of Kate Beckinsale) wearing a cumbersome space suit posing before the wheel. Many thanks to Kevin Davies for his detailed submission and photos.

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