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The Martins (Tosspot)

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I thought it was great, lotsa swearing but that only adds to the fun for me! Lee Evans is my idol, I wanna see him live one day, he was brill in this film. An definite eye opener 10/10. Thanks Nini for your submission.

This is a very moving little film, funny in a sad way, about an idle no-hoper who lives on dreams. Evans and Burke are a perfect match and Linda Bassett is brilliant as the saw-tongued mother in law. The wordless little scene where Evans' character, Robert Martin, looks around the perfect little cottage by the bay, with its charming interior telling a tale of middle-class industry, carefulness, organisation and good taste...all the things Robert doesn't have...always sticks in my mind. Thanks Sarah for your submission.

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The Martins [2001]
Tony Grounds
Icon Home Entertainment, VHS Tape, 19 August, 2002
List Price: £10.99
Used Price: £1.44
Third Party Price: £3.98
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The Martins [2001]
Tony Grounds
Icon Home Entertainment, DVD, 18 March, 2002
List Price: £13.99
New Price: £13.99
Used Price: £4.85
Third Party Price: £8.15
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