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The Quest 2 (The Second Quest)

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David Jason Directs the Filming of 'The Quest 2' on Harris Promenade, Douglas.

Ramsey Cottage Hospital

Gaiety Theatre, Douglas

Laxey Wheel, Laxey

Horse Tram in Douglas

Mountain Railway, Snaefell

Electric Railway Tram

Harris Promenade, Douglas
Filming took place outside the Sefton Hotel, where the three lads were riding their motorcycles. Period cars and extras were also about to make the scene complete. Filming of a Bathing Costume Contest was also to take place outside the Gaiety Theatre later in the shooting.

Ramsey Cottage Hospital Day Centre, Ramsey
Scene in single bed ward and adjacent passages. David Jason (Director/Actor), Roy Hudd, Hywel Bennett, Helen Goldwyn (nursing sister). Extras: one doctor, two nurses a porter and two patients. With thanks to the excellent co-operation of staff at Ramsey Cottage Hospital, who made this possible (Sunday 13 July). Thanks Malcolm for your submission.

Gaiety Theatre, Douglas
A Beauty Queen informed us that there was filming in the Gaiety Theatre. The scene was dominated by the beauty queens' changing room scenes and one scene with 3 lads and 3 beauty queens in corridor at back of theatre (July 12th). Thanks Amy for your submission.

Laxey Wheel, Laxey
Another scene was dominated by the beauty queens, who were having their photos taken near the wheel and Charlie (aka Jim Sturgess) (July 12th). Thanks Amy (Beauty Queen) for your submission.

Horse Drawn Trams, Douglas
Along the promenade near Summerland on the horse tram. Scene dominated by the beauty queens on their way to the Laxey photo shoot and Charlie (aka Jim Sturgess). "Miss Isle of Man Beauty Pageant 1960 - Tomorrow At 2pm" poster on horse tram) (July 14th). Thanks Amy (Beauty Queen) for your submission.

Snaefell Mountain Railway, Snaefell Mountain
Snaefell near the Motor Museum, the beauty queens and Charlie (aka Jim Sturgess) on mountain tram and Ronno (aka Max Wrottesley), Dave (aka Greg Faulkner) on motorbikes with 2 female extras also on bikes (July 14th). Thanks Amy (Beauty Queen) for your submission.

Electic Railway, Laxey
Laxey Tram Station with beauty queens, extras and Charlie (aka Jim Sturgess) swapping from tram to tram (July 14th). Many Thanks to Amy for all her submissions and making it through the 12 hours of filming each day.

I was at Niarbyl on the evening they filmed the scenes with the motorcycles and the cottages that Waking Ned were filmed in were done up as a pub, with a swinging sign and everything.
Thanks Andy Quirk for your submission.

Castle Rushen, Castletown
Castle Rushen, they filmed the scene where the three young lads walk in and everyone stops and stares at them inside the pub there in a room they had done up as an old pub.
Thanks Sarah for your submission.

Port Erin

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