Thursday, March 23, 2023
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The Quest 2 (The Second Quest)

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I loved all 3 of the Quest films & would love to get hold of copies of them, if anybody has them please get in touch. Great films, pure indulgence from start to finish.
Thanks Trevor Newell for your submission.

So did i, all three of the quests were great ive got them all taped on video and im constantly watching them. i just think that there so funny to watch. i also like young dave played by greg faulkner, he does the role of david jason really good. also i think hes good looking.
Thanks Leighanne for your submission.

I too enjoyed all three and wish they would release them on DVD. The set would make great gifts.
Thanks Sharon Pink for your submission.

I thought that all three quests were brilliant, why didn't I tape them! If anyone has copies I would willingly buy them, DVD or VCR.
I wonder if they will be broadcast again?

Thanks Dave Stork for your submission.

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