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Waking Ned (Waking Ned Devine)

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Harry Kelly's Cottage, Cregneash

Filmed entirely on location in and around the Isle of Man.

Cregneash Village, Cregneash
St Peter's Church,Cregneash The opening helicopter shots were of various locations, starting from the Chicken Rock Lighthouse area and edited together (Cregneash is a difficult approach because of modern artifacts, like the aircraft navigation beacon on Cronk ny Arrey). The church, both exterior and interior, was St. Peter's, Cregneash. The exterior, and hall shots, of Jackie's house were of the farmhouse at Cregneash. The handyman's garage/workshop/house-over (Maggie looks out of the window) was in Cregneash, as was Kitty's house. The Post Office was the little building on the main road in Cregneash, at one time shown by the Manx Museum as the "Smithy". The exterior of the pub was an unused cottage in Cregneash, but the interior was fitted up (literally, as the drinks were real!) on the upper floor of the barn at the farm in Cregneash, which also doubled as Jackie's barn, where he addressed the residents.

Old Mill, Laxey
The Jackie's House interiors for the chicken dinner, bedroom and bathroom, were sets built in the old mill in Laxey Glen Road.

Ned's House, Niarbyl, Dalby
Ned's house exterior was the cottages at Niarbyl. The nude swim was at Nyarbyl, (the White Beach?) down below Cregganmooar.

Glen Mona
The nude motor-cycle riding was at various locations, including Glen Mona and Cornaa, as were some of the car shots. The rider was Denis Cross, from Colby.

Raby Mooar, Glen Maye
Pig Finn's farm was Raby Mooar, just North of Glen Maye (also used by Hitchcock for "The Manxman"). Lizzie's (the old witch) house, exterior and interior, was the farmhouse at Raby Mooar. Raby Mooar was also the scene for the nude ride where the rider's back was spattered with mud, used in the publicity material, and on the video and DVD packaging.

Marine Drive, Douglas
The fatal telephone box was on the Marine Drive.

Druidale Road
Pig Finn's and Maggie's romantic scene by a river was at Monpelier, on the Druidale Road.

Cronk ny Irree Lhaa
The final shot was on the top of Cronk ny Irree Lhaa.

Many thanks Donald Gellion for all the above submissions, which were very detailed.

Calf of Man


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